“A b b a, F a t h e r”

“Abba, Father”, my favorite way to reverend God. For me, it portrays an affectionate dependable relationship with my maker. It is how I tend to project a man’s responsibility as a father and as a husband. Any fool can make a child, but it takes a matured responsible God fearing man to be a husband and a father. God was very explicit in his definition of the role of a father and husband. This role starts with that of leadership, but He boils it down to being a provider and a protector (1Timothy 5:8). A good father’s role is tantamount to first being a good husband. In Colossians 3:19, God urges husbands to love their wives and not to treat them harshly. In my line of work, I have come by children who loathe their fathers because of cruel treatments some husbands melted down onto wives. Later on in life, a few become outstanding citizens because they had vowed never to become like their fathers. However many become their fathers as a vicious cycle has already been established! God in his infinite wisdom made a man physically stronger than a woman to be a protector but He also placed some kindness in man’s heart for him to be able to manage that strength. The role of fatherhood without a doubt is tough as a household looks up to him not only has a physical leader but also as their spiritual lead. No wonder careless utterances made by a father can ruin a child for life. Fathers, we as women are grateful for the companionship you provide, for loving us as you love yourselves but also for the exemplary figure you represent in the lives of our children. Please remember the privilege of authority God has placed in your hands, use it wisely for He would hold you accountable for decisions you make in the lives of those He has placed in your kingdom. Enjoy your day to the fullest but please make time to spend it lovingly with us not only today but year round; for though you must provide; how can you protect us and be the high priest of your home without being around? A very happy father’s day to men and once again we are grateful for all you do!


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