• A basket of onions

A basket of onions


As I did the dishes last night, I happen to look in the direction of a basket I use to store onions. A couple of days back, I had thought of peeling them and storing them in the refrigerator  as I noticed many were going bad but somehow forgot all about them. Almost all of them were rotten at this point but I did notice little green seedlings sprouting from the core of the bulbs.

The story of Lazarus is all too well a known miracle; In John 11:1-44 Jesus learned from messengers that Lazarus was ill and that his two sisters needed His help. However, scripture says that Jesus did not show up until Lazarus had been dead and buried for four days. Jesus purposefully showed up four days late so that Lazarus’ death and resurrection worked toward giving glory to God and thus increasing the faith of Jesus’ followers. One important note is that Jesus’ crucifixion is tied to the miracle of raising Lazarus. Easter is a time when we Christians remind ourselves of the fact that Christ died so that you and I may be saved. His resurrection gave the final credence to the truth that Jesus was not just another teacher but the messiah of the world. No other diviner is recorded in the history of mankind to have died and resurrected from death!

In times of hardship it is difficult to stay positive and put our total trust in God, however let us remember that often our biggest challenge paves the way to bring out the mightiness of the God we serve. My onions first rot and stunk but out them came new seedlings with the potential of exponentially increasing its rewards! Brethren, I do not know about you but I am declaring that anything that is dead in my life may sprout out and take on a new life, a new beginning with the resurrection of my Savior. Blessed Easter all, enjoy your families and remember to be kind to one another.


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