I still smile :)

I found myself wondering in the wilderness unsure whether to proceed or just stop running altogether and give up my spirit. I had been held captive there for so long I had come to accept that my name was “pain”, my name was “suffering”, my name was “no hope”. No hope of living to be free.  However one night when evil let his guard down, or shall I say: when the appointed time came, as I held unto the door node to my prison cell where I had been for so long I had begun to call it “my lot”, it suddenly opened. I couldn’t believe it but it did. Without giving it a second thought, I flew to my freedom, for fear gave me wings. A day later I was wondering in the wilderness lost, tired, and, weary with no clothes on my back, an empty stomach and a parched throat from thirst. I could hear the sound of horses approaching fast and could see a film of fumes from the grounds they unsettled. As my Egyptians got nearer and nearer I stopped running too tired to do anything else. Moments later I could see an army of the enemy in plain view with swords drawn. Instead of running away from them, I crazily turned towards them and started running to them as though I had lost it. All the while, I yelled out to Jehovah, “For the might of Thy hand I bless you, my God, my father’s God!” Lo and behold the horses stopped, and one after the other, I saw them turn around so quickly both riders and horses went down, I could hear panic, pandemonium and confusion in the enemy’s camp and then a stamped. I stopped and watched them kill each other. What just happened? I asked. I looked up to the heavens and retorted “Is there anything too hard for Thee?”

The above illustration represents man’s escape from spiritual bondage and to remind us that everything has its season. When that season comes, nothing can hold it back. No demon, no witchcraft, no power of darkness can do anything about it.  However we must fight a good fight wearing the full armor of God to be able to get there. In the above illustrations, he had to stop running, asked God’s might to take over and faced his Egyptians. He starred his situation in the eyes and faced it squarely. Times do get tough for He never said we will only see sunshine. Paul recounted how he asked God to take away his thorn three times (2 Corinthians 12:8). And God had responded this way, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness,” (2 Corinthians 12:9). I don’t know what you may be going through but I do however know that God’s grace is sufficient for you to go through it. God’s grace is sufficient to swirl me out of the enemy’s camp and so instead of crying at my circumstance this morning, I still smile!


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