Is he a black man?

Scenes of the death of another dead man of color lingered in my mind’s eye as I tried to desperately fall asleep. I mourned with the family of Walter Scott. I mourned the picture of the thought of the possibility of my own David crossing path with an overzealous trigger happy uniformed man. I mourned the loss of yet another one of God’s wonderful creation without a justifiable cause wondering when this madness will cease. When? I ask. When would a mother lay herself to rest knowing her children were safe in school? When can a mother trust that her children are safe playing at her next door neighbors of different faith? When?  When can a mother watch her child ran a marathon without the possibility of the thought of a horrific war scene taking place under her very own eyes? When would a mother go to bed and not have to worry about her children getting recruited into missions so despicable the thought makes one skin crawl in absolute horror? When? And, when can my family travel on an airline without me worrying about the possibility of the pilot being suicidal?

I have over the years watched my son voice out his opinions in absolute confidence and eloquence of an old soul and have rejoiced that the spirit of timidity is so far-fetched from him. Why am I suddenly questioning if it is such a good thing? Here is why:  He is 6 years now, in the 99 percentile for his age, has been for a while both weight and height wise and with the agility of a monkey. Now close your eyes and picture him two decades later at 6 feet or more tall, about 280lbs and the agility of an NFL player driving a top of the line vehicle when he is stopped by a Caucasian shield bearer. Unsure what law he has broken he drags himself out of the car. When he is asked to put his hands up he wants to know why? With no explanation given, he reluctantly raises his hands only because is mama had told him it is not a prudent thing to disobey a police officer. However, his not so quiet nature –confident self comes to play and persists demanding to know why? The officer having a bad day or probably who feels he is the law and has the power to do whatever he deems fit is irritated by this confrontational young man. After a few minutes of exchanges the police man decides to show my life loving son who has the final say. Now open your eyes and remember David is a man of color, imagine what could happen next. It is not okay to simply justify a killing by saying “I feared for my life”. It is not okay to shoot a man with his back turned running in fear of losing his life. As much as I hate the possibility of accepting the shooting of another black man as a possible racially profiled killing, every bone in me is screaming that it is not okay to massacre our black brethren. However, believe me, white males are also being killed but because they are white it may not be generating as much attention. How about the many killings of Christians around the world, the massacre of innocent souls in the name of religion? I think it is about time we go back to the basis, to not only answering the question of who a neighbor is and instead focus on the question am I a good a neighbor? The answer to that may well lead to a much more peaceful world!  Just so you know, the devil has been portrayed as a black figure for so long who knows that may be playing a part in the preconceived notion that the black man or any breeds thereof is evil and so must be eradicated. Who knows? Stop painting the devil black, he may well be of any color!



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