"There shall be a performance"

The law of sowing seeds is a law that can never be disproved. For whenever a man sows in fertile grounds, nurtures his seedlings and, awaits his harvest he is sure to reap.The greater the seed, the greater the harvest! Whenever you let go of what is in your hands, God lets go of what is in the heavens for you! However, there is a catch to it my brethren; Do not sow seeds and lose track of your expectations of it, which is the faith factor. For, it then becomes just like sowing seeds without watering them; They will wither! If like me you are looking for something unusual in your life this day; Do something unusual for God this day, plain and simple. Then await your harvest, keep reminding Him of His promises and His covenant with you and in due season you shall reap the rewards of your sowing. I say again and again and in a state of expectancy declare that: There shall be a PERFORMANCE of His goodness concerning His people today. Happy Friday all.


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