There shall be a performance II

MERCY is when someone who does not know what the heck you look like, where the heck you come from, has never even heard your name till two weeks earlier; feels so compelled to pick up a phone and calls everyone who matters and brings you to the place that a day before you could only think of as grasping for straws. All of that without even you knowing. That’s right; someone fights your battle against every protocol in place without your knowledge and brings you your break through! That is indeed mercy!!! Not even can everyone in the 7.5 billion people living on earth convince me that there is no God. You see, I came to the point where I was so frustrated with everything around me having given it my all. On my own accord I had tried doing it, until that morning when I acknowledged to my maker that I cannot do it on my own. I let down the burdens, afflictions, barriers, disability, drawbacks, hindrances, impairments, impediment, obstacles, shortcomings, stumbling blocks, baggage, blockers, detriments, limitations, restrictions and whatever else I may have been carrying. Yes, I dialed 911 to God and when He asked me what my emergency was I answered: “Send me help quickly oh, my back is breaking, in fact it is broken. I don fight tire, I refuse to continue alone. For, the afflicter is hitting me below the belt knowing I am on my own”. I wanted to continue to give a litany of the wrongs in my life however I was interrupted by the Holy Spirit. He said: “Your problem is: you talk too much and listen too little.” He continued, “I sent you help a long time ago, however each and every time they tried to intercept, you drive them away.” “Really I asked?” confused. One after the other I saw flash backs of when He had dispatched His angels to fight for me. Ashamed and overwhelmed by His mercy, I screamed, “Oya, Baba, send them back-o, I am open to receive them, now, now.” I thought of the many years that has passed, the numerous times I felt I had wasted and then this message came to mind, “I will restore the years that the locust has eaten” (Joel 2:25.). He has done it for me and He will do it for you. The key is to be vigilant in prayer and to prepare our spirit to discern and accept His answer when He does answer. Happy weekend all, be kind to one another.If you like what you just read, like us, share us and visit us, register for new posts. It is free!


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