Yes Sir!

Many years ago, my dearest cousin, Nana told me of a story in a church; a young unshakable believer who despite was going through what if many of us had to endure would have cursed God and died instead, shows up in church faultlessly in his same tattered cloth and hardly any shoes left on his feet. Through the sermons, he would shout praises unrestricted and to the annoyance of most of the congregation as though he had a penny to his name. Instead of them challenging his faith, they mocked him. Prior to one big event when the supposed big men of God had been invited, the pastors called him aside and promised him if he would stay silent through that service; they would buy him a new pair of shoes. He looks at his feet and the prospects of a new pair that covered the soles of his whole feet looked like he had worn a million bucks. So through the service, amidst half a shout out to God, he would refrain himself. “Praise the…”, then silence. He did that a number of times, and finally as loudly as he could, over the background music, over the guest preacher’s bombardments and trumpings of the joy stealer, he brought down heaven to earth screaming “Shoe or no shoe I would still praise the Lord!!!
3:38 am I am up with migraines that has held me captive in the last few days. I was going back to hide out in the darkest corner of my house and wallow in self-pity instead of praying. I thought to myself certainly God knows I am in too much pain, I would pray and praise Him when I feel better. Then this story hit me like lightening and opened out floodgates, stepped on my disappointments, crashed out my fears and reminded me of WHOSE I am. Oya, I sent the devil packing from my house, why had I let him live in my master bedroom to begin with? Sleep on my king size bed? Laid a table before him like a king? How much of my mortgage does he pay? I picked up a broom and started sweeping after him, blood sucking leach I am done with your nonsense and then broke into praise… He is able more than able to accomplish what concerns me today. My people perish for a lack of knowledge… because you have forgotten the law of your God (Hosea 4:6). “Shoe or no shoe I would STILL PRAISE THE LORD!!!


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